Shipping and Returns

Shipping methods

We can ship to almost any address in the world. We prefer to ship all domestic packages using the US Postal Service’s Priority mail. We have found it to be the most reliable way for us to get our items to you in one piece quickly. There are times however that we may use a different method. UPS, FedEx or other USPS services may used if packages are too large, or if their destination is incompatible with the Priority Mail service.

Delivery Time

Because most of our products are hand made by us, please allow us time to make yours. Generally standard boats and plaques are ready within two weeks, and special editions are ready within three. If you have concerns about getting yours by a specific date, please check with us before placing your order. Once the product is complete it will be mailed within 36 hours. If the package is sent via USPS Priority Mail, it usually arrives two days from the shipping date. When the package is sent, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation including a tracking number.

What will it cost?

Shipping costs will depend upon the items and options you choose. Rates are based on the weight and dimensions of the items. This information is used by the shipping companies we use to compute the shipping cost. The shipping and handling fee added to your order will include a small handling fee meant to fray the costs of packing materials.

When you check out, the options provided will include the actual price you’ll be charged based on your zip code. These rates will be computed before payment is made.

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