Custom Personalized Boat – Large

Hand made replica of boats used by various beach patrols for surf rescues as well as in lifeguard tournaments.

This is the boat to choose if you like the look of the other standard boat models, but would like to customize one for a town we do not have listed, or wish to change some of the lettering on the boat.

Like all our standard model boats, the exterior is painted white and the interior is a nicely stained natural wood finish, complete with oars, a bailing bucket and life ring.

All the boats including this one are hand crafted of bass wood, glue and plenty of paint. They are then lettered and coated with polyurethane for a protective shine. It is made with a flat bottom so it can sit flat. The wave stand shown in the pictures is sold separately and makes a beautiful way to display your boat.

You will notice you have three choices to make when placing your order for this. The first two choices are repeated on both sides of the boat. Let's take them one by one:

1 - Town/Organization - This is the lettering that will be done in large letters on the side where most beach patrols have their town name. You don't need to stick with that though. Make it a company name' boat name, a short saying, or anything you like really. Generally we recommend keeping it under 12 letters or so. More than that, and the letters get smaller and lose thier impact - especially if you add bow personalization. A typical beach patrol will use their town name only.

2 - Bow Personalization - The bow (rhymes with cow) is the front of the boat. Here you have the option of adding another short bit of text. Most people choose the name of the person or family who are receiving it. On many beach patrols a boat will have a number or name of someone to whom the boat was dedicated. We suggest keeping this fairly short as well - 15 letters or less.

3 - Stern - This is the back of the boat. The typical text here is the name of the town again with the addition of the state's abbreviation. Of course, you may come up with something different. Some people have put a couple's last name on the bow, and then their first names on the back. Others have put years of service or some other significant date. Again, less is more here because of the small area available. We'd suggest keeping it under 20 letters total.

The number of letters suggested for each area is just that - a suggestion. Just keep in mind that the more you add, the smaller the letters will get and the more cluttered it may end up looking. Also, keep in mind where you will display it. If it is up on a shelf, chances are you won't see the back of the boat as well as you see the side.

As with all our boats, this one comes wrapped in foam paper in its own box.

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